The Distance Manager by Kimball Fisher & Mareen Fisher

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From the Back Cover

How do you know you’re getting peak performance from people whom you manage at another location?How do you motivate and communicate with people who work off-site?

How do you coordinate the responsibilities of virtual team?

How do you lead people who don’t report to you and may even work for another company?

As the nature of the workplace changes, more and more managers are confronting these challenges. This is the first book that answers them. The Distance Manager draws on the experiences of a cross-section of managers at every corporate level—men and women who themselves have been thrust into the challenging world of distance managing and who have learned to do a tough job well. Some are sales managers, some are field managers, some are production managers. They work for large Fortune 500 corporations and for small technology start-up companies. Now you can benefit from their experiences and hard-won wisdom as you discover the secrets of:
*Inspiring and motivating individuals and teams from afar
*Coaching for peak performance via e-mail, the telephone, teleconferencing and videoconferencing
*Building a cohesive team comprised of workers in different locations
*Managing projects from a distance
*Using the Web to set up effective shared workplaces and files
*Leading people who don’t report to you
*Keeping work on track and on time
*And much more!

About the Author

Kimball Fisher and Mareen Fisher are co-founders of The Fisher Group, Inc. and have worked with many Fortune 100 companies to implement high- performance management systems. They have consulted to clients in North America, Western Europe, Asia and Africa with companies such as Amoco, Apple Computers, Chevron, Corning, Delphi/Delco, Hewlett-Packard, Monsanto, Motorola, NBC, PepsiCo, Proctor and Gamble, The Port of Seattle, Shell, and Weyerhaeuser. The Fishers have trained thousands of managers. They are widely published and are popular speakers on teams, leadership and organization design. Kimball. Fisher is author of Leading Self-Directed Work Teams and co-author of Tips for Teams.