Catch Fire by Peter McLaughlin

Project Description


The Leader in Helping People and Companies Perform Better.

•Peter McLaughlin is a reporter of new and cutting edge information to help you improve your personal life and business performance.
•He is a translator of science based research to help you and your colleagues achieve and upgrade your life satisfaction.
•He speaks to remind you of things you already know but haven’t been paying attention to, that if you did, would help you move to the next level.
•He is a teacher of the precepts of Positive Psychology; how to build more optimism and happiness into each day with the goal of living a life of fulfillment.
•He is a Director of Mirth™ and Innovation to help you become more creative both in your personal and business life.
•He is a coach of healthy lifestyles to help you CatchFire! with new, unbounded and positive energy.

Peter has developed a toolbox of great ideas both ancient and new to help people and companies move through the maze of 21st century challenges and opportunities.

Peter McLaughlin’s mission in life is to help people maximize their productivity and quality of life. A poll conducted among top corporations named Peter McLaughlin, along with Tom Peters and Peter Drucker, as one of the best business speakers in the nation. (Source: Journal of Business Strategy)