Business Relationships That Last by Ed Wallace

Project Description


Everyone knows that relationships are critical to business success, but no one has provided a simple system to turn contacts and acquaintances into valuable assets–until now. Business Relationships That Last provides the first systematic program for advancing business relationships. In five easy-to-follow steps, the book shows how to transform any casual business relationship into a valuable source for revenue, leads, and advice. Ed Wallace combines memorable anecdotes with a clear theoretical framework that shows individuals how to leverage their hard business skills with the often-overlooked soft skills of relationship building. Surveyed executives say they need this book. In a recent survey, 88 percent of executives indicated that the strength of their client, customer, and referral relationships was critical to achieving their goals each year. But only 25 percent of those same executives said they had a formal process for planning, managing, and growing business relationships and 73 percent of the group surveyed said they would be very interested in reading a book on this topic. This book delivers the process that so many people and organizations need.

Praise for Business Relationships That Last:

”Ed Wallace captures the immediate need for organizations and individuals to build relationships of integrity and confidence.”
Stephen Covey, author of the New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust

”The more people who use the principles and practices in this book to deepen their relationships, the richer we’ll all be–and happier!”
Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back?

”We all know that businesses grow through outstanding relationships. Ed Wallace provides an elegantly simple yet very powerful way to think about and build relationships that last.”
Ivan R. Misner, PhD, bestselling author of The 29% Solution