Bold Moves: JUMP to Outstanding Self-Managed Action by Allan Milham & Shayla Roberts

Project Description

The One-Minute Millionaire meets “Who Moved My Cheese” – with frogs! A business novel with a fable and talking points that show how to blast through fear and doubt, purge inner critters, optimize your operating state, and lead from the inside-out. Bold Moves cleverly surpasses the left-right brain gymnastics of “The One-Minute Millionaire,” by acting as an inside-outside personal trainer in human complexity. It is three books in one: a business novel, a teaching fable, and cliff notes. The focus is leaders who yearn for balance, integration and self-determined action in their professional and personal lives. The book vividly portrays the internal terrain where Bold Moves are seeded, nurtured and brought to fuition as it: Shows how to develop and sustain an Optimal Operating State from which to make wise choices and Bold Moves. Gives fresh, profound insights about how to distinguish between Bold Moves and brash, barely and background moves. Delivers how to blast through fear and doubt, purge Inner Critters, and lead from the inside-out.