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Victoria’s approach is unique and spirited. You should be prepared to make bold decisions and visualize new possibilities. Her strengths are in building and leading effective virtual global teams, strategic planning, communication strategies, executive leadership & career coaching, strategic account management, helping individuals with creating awareness of their relevance and signature strengths.

Victoria Porter Cramer

Victoria Porter Cramer

Chief Executive Officer

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Michael Cramer

Michael Cramer


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    About Victoria

    An inspirational leader, Victoria brings dynamism and passion to every engagement, be it sales, coaching, consulting or training. As an experienced leadership consultant and coach, Victoria’s acute understanding of the value of strong relationships forms the bedrock of her practice. Victoria’s clients often say, “I leave conversations with Victoria feeling inspired to grow” and “Victoria was authentically interested in what I shared.” This is what sets her apart: a genuine interest in people and the power of growth.

    Victoria’s background covers global, regional and local sales leadership, strategic planning, communication strategies, strategic account management, project management, training, workshop design and delivery and employee engagement and development. Her track record includes driving revenue for both start-ups and established brands.

    Victoria’s learnings over the years fueled her deep passion for the role of coaching in particular. In her experience, coaching is a powerful conduit for teams in pursuit of service excellence.

    Victoria’s education is in Communication and she studied at the University of Arizona. Additionally, she received a Level 3 Trainer Certification from Marriott University. She holds an Advanced Certification in Strategic Planning & Leadership, as well as Coaching from the London School of Business & Finance. She is a board member of the not-for-profit organization Kids Need Bikes, President of the not-for-profit San Tan Racing team, inaugural equity partner for CXO Collective, past Rotary Club President and past Captain for a triathlon racing team sponsored by Luna Products.

    About Michael

    An established process engineer, Mike brings attention to detail and a high degree of creativity and agility in the engineering world. Mike is a talented energetic materials formulation and process development engineer. Simply put; he is a rocket scientist. He applies his expertise to all aspects of life.

    Mike’s education earned him a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona.

    He enjoys spending his time coaching others in re-engineering their lives, their physical fitness, and their careers. We would tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you.