Finding Your Way To Happiness


Finding Your Way To Happiness

Your Road To Happiness

Do you remember your first day of school or the first job you ever had? What would your life be like if you treated each day with that same unbridled enthusiasm? Let’s face it, you probably don’t even remember what happened on the first day of school but you do remember the way that you felt. That feeling is generated inside of you and it is nothing but sheer excitement. Why can’t more of your days be like that?

Wakeupandlive“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from our own actions” – Dalai Lama

Why do you hold back excitement today? Is it because you’ve been taught that you are supposed to hold it inside and behave? What would happen to all of us if we allowed the chemicals to be released that true excitement and happiness create. I’m no doctor, but I happen to believe those were meant to keep us young.

I believe there needs to be a whole lot more silly involved in our days and if you incorporate it..even if privately, you will find your way back to happy.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama

5 Basics To My Own Happiness
First of all, I am not a psychologist or a counselor but I do view myself as a happiness coach. I’ve gained my knowledge through experiential learning. Yes that is a fancy way of saying that I wake up and live! The question that makes me laugh often is “Do you wake up happy?”. The answer is that I wake up just like everyone else and have to get a running start on the day. If my dog could speak he’d tell you and my husband wouldn’t dare let the cat out of the bag, but I can tell you that just like everyone else on this planet, I wake up and sometimes have a grumpy face. It’s what I do about it that makes me different.

But here’s the great news…I’m going to share it with you. What helps me to wake up and live may not be what works for you, but you’ll figure it out if you just try.

1. My Latte Moment
Find the one thing that puts a smile on your face immediately and make it a habit. It usually has something to do with waking up your senses of smell, taste, sight, sound, or touch. For me it’s the morning latte that I have with my husband. It is the smell that is associated with peace, awakening, kindness, love, and energy all at the same time. You see, watching the love that he puts into making it and then all of the smell and taste sensations.. I take it all can’t rush your latte moment. These moments can also be a moment for a season….enjoying the sound/smell of rain, the sound/smell of the ocean, your baby sleeping or waking up, etc. It’s something that makes you smile even if for just a moment every time it happens.

2. My Silly Moment
At some point in your day take time to be silly, childish, impish, clever, or creative. These moments can be peppered throughout your day. I do warn you that they will cause others to grin, laugh, or shake their heads and this is all that you need to see to know you accomplished “silly”. For me it could be hanging upside down from the kitchen table pretending to be a monkey (yes, that was today) or it could be dancing around like a ballerina (no I have never had lessons and I guarantee it’s silly), or it might be hiding so that when my husband comes home I can scare the bejesus out of him, or it might be just trying on a goofy hat in the grocery store (ok, I might have invoked “silly” on my husband and put a pink hat on his head).

3. My Exercise MomentYou
Those of you who know me are not surprised by this one. For me it has to be a different type of exercise every day, because routine does not make me happy, diversity does. Sometimes it’s yoga, swimming, skiing, mountain biking, running, road biking, hiking, or even just a walk…it doesn’t matter what it is, but what does matter is that it happens for at least 30 minutes and my “happy” side pops out naturally if it can be 60 minutes. I realize that there are some days that exercise is nearly impossible but I still work it in even if it’s a travel day, because I know that if I at least do some vigorous walking I will be in my happy place for those long exhausting days.

4. My Learning Moment
There is something to learn from someone every day. Seeing a new perspective, reading something new, experiencing a new culture, or trying something new (have you tried to do a hand stand since you were a kid…let me tell you what..that’s not as easy as I had once remembered). Every time you expose yourself to something new physically or mentally you will have a natural response to it which for many is fear, concern, apprehension and if you can feel these things then it should remind you of that first day of school. I still went to school even though I was nervous..didn’t you?

5. My Giving Moment
At some point in each day I find a way to give a little piece of me to someone else. Since I don’t have children, I have to work a little harder at it, because I have to seek out someone to help or to do something kind for. It’s sometimes just baking cookies for my cycling team, or encouraging someone else to try something new or set a goal for themselves, or it might be charitable contribution, but at some point in each day even if it’s just a kind set of words, I find someone that I can give a little piece of “happy” to, because when I do it makes my own heart smile.
In the spirit of sharing, if you are currently already one of those perpetually happy people, I’d love to hear what you “happy” is comprised of…think of it as Your Giving Moment.

And, if all else fails then I recommend a lovely glass of wine..or maybe 2. Sometimes that’s the best way to “happy”. ha!