Your Personal Board of Directors

Your Personal Board of Directors

September 17, 2014

Friend – Mentor – Guru – Advisor, these are just a handful of terms that I have heard over the years for the various people in life that guide the decisions that we make and who help give us perspective to enjoy the best of those genius moments (yes, I have them and so do you!).

“In everyone’s life at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the human spirit.” – Albert Schweitzer
A Personal Board of Directors is that collective group of people in your life that know everything about you and they still appreciate you for who you are…character flaws and all (I know, I don’t have any of those either). These are the friends, advisors, family, spiritual leaders, professionals, and mentors that you know you could call at 1am and they would not only answer but they will listen and then they will knock you upside the head with wisdom, sarcasm, laughter, or give you the motivational perspective to get you going in the right direction or support your direction financially, spiritually, or emotionally as needed.

These are not the people who will always tell you that you are right. These are not the people who will always tell you that you are wrong or crazy. These are the people that you trust. So, choose them wisely. If you do not believe you have a personal board of directors then I might challenge you to dig deeper and think harder about the people in your life and to trust that you do have a board of directors if you will let them be there for you.

Your Personal Board of Directors

A dear friend once put it in perspective for me. There are 4 types of people in your life and you need to evaluate where each person falls and then divest of the unhealthy relationships before they cause your personality any damage.

4 Types of People In Your Life:

Additives – These are the folks that add value to your life. They make you feel good about yourself and your decisions. They are always helping you to learn, love, laugh, or experience life at an even greater level than you might without them.

Multipliers – These are the folks that expand your network. They multiply the relationships in your life and they introduce people and connect people in enriching ways. They multiply your positive relationships and the way you live.

Detractors – These are the folks that drain your energy, distract you from your path, or bring you down. You know these relationships, because after every interaction you find yourself feeling either less important, your self esteem is diminished, your energy is diminished, or you feel like you do things when you’re with them that decrease your moral fiber.

Dividers – These are the folks that pull you away from other people, they want to shrink your social network and they often talk ill of others to try to divide your relationships and keep you all to themselves. These folks will typically be very kind to you but their unintended (or some are totally intentional) desire is to create a smaller, less educated, less connected world for you so that you’ll need them more and rely on them more.

What are you to your relationships? What are you going to do about it? To be an additive or a multiplier you must surround yourself with those souls first, because they will rub off on you.